This CD has been produced thanks to the cumulative experience of a group of people that, operating under the name Professional Group in Animal Feeding, worked hard to get the Seminars on Feed Microscopy held, from 1984 to 1992. These Seminars were reinstated in 2001, as the feeding experts agreed that feed microscopy is a very useful tool in today’s animal nutrition.

     Nowadays, the food chain in general and the feed manufacturers in particular must stress actions related to improving product quality control and to assure that wholesome and healthy feed is delivered to animals. Feed microscopy is yet another technique to apply to this chain, and there are several factors supporting its use. Mainly, feed microscopy a) is a fast and cheap raw material control, with a high psychological charge towards the supplier; b) allows checking that the current levels of some ingredients included in feed are met; and c) allows the control of finished products.

     The edition of a Practical Handbook of Feed Microscopy in CD format was undertaken after we realised that the feed microscopist needs a tool that allows to check his/her daily findings in a simple and efficient way. Additionally, it is easier to find visual information in a personal computer than in any laboratory book. An interactive CD is simple to use and provides great help for identification. It includes graphical help and educational hints for each raw material and solves all doubts and confusing features found when analysing raw materials.

     Feed microscopy is a discipline whose foundations lie in the practice. To become a feed microscopist, no previous special requirement is needed. This CD is meant to provide help in the daily task of the beginner, as well as that of the experienced technician.