Madrid, December 1st and 2nd, 2021

Auditorium Fundación Pablo VI
Calle Juan XXIII, 3
Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

08:45 h Inscriptions and Documentation

Session 1. Chairman: Emilio Borja – Grupo AN, Navarra

09:00 h Sustainability of the meat production chain: Influence of feeding programs
- Jaume Coma and Pau Aymerich – Grupo Vall Companys
- Jesús Méndez, Spain

09:45 h Feeding programs for post-weaned piglets in the absence of antibiotics and ZnO
The Dutch experience
- Francesc Molist – Schothorst Feed Research, The Netherlands
The Danish experience
- Kristina Ulrich Sorensen – Vilomix, Denmark

11:10 h Coffee break

Session 2. Chairman: José Francisco Pérez – Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

11.40 h Energy sources in animal feeding. Composition and nutritive value of cereals produced in Europe
- Markus Rodehutscord – Hohenheim University, Germany

12:25 h Chemical composition, nutritional value, and use of cereals in feed formulation. A comparative
study with data from other Institutions
- Gerard Santomá and Pedro Pérez de Ayala – Trouw Nutrition

13:00 h Presentation and Discussion of FEDNA projects (2022 – 2025). Web page improvement and new editions of the Ingredient Composition Tables and Nutrient Requirement of Pigs Documents
- Paloma García Rebollar and Gonzalo G. Mateos – UP Madrid

13:30 h Lunch break

14:35 h FEDNA AWARD for young researchers
- Manuel Fondevila – Unizar, Zaragoza

15:30 h Gut microflora as affected by the ingredient composition of the diet. Protein and energy sources
- Richard Ducatelle – University of Ghent, Belgium

16:15 h Coffee break

Session 3. Chairwoman: Marta Cirera – Indukern

16.45 h Evaluation of the energy content of protein sources in poultry and pig diets. The CVB Tables
- Kees Geerse – F2CARE-Consultancy, The Netherlands

17.30 h Prediction equations to improve the accuracy of the energy content of soybean meals for poultry
- Guillermo Fondevila and G.G. Mateos – UP Madrid

18:05 h Evaluation of the nutritive value of protein concentrates by the use of new technologies
- Markus Wiltafsky-Martin – Evonik Operations GmbH, Germany

18:45 h Adjourn

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Session 4. Charman: Javier García – UPM

09:00 h USA: Nutritional challenges and development of the swine industry in the USA for the last decades
- Hans Stein – University of Illinois, USA

09:45 h Highlights of the evolution of commercial broiler nutrition over the last decades in the USA
- Shivi Rao – Cobb Vantress, USA

10:30 h Sources of fiber in diets for non-ruminant species
- Gonzalo G. Mateos and Lourdes Cámara – UP Madrid
- Pedro Medel and Aga Rybicka – Innovabiotics, S.L.

11.30 h Coffee break

Session 5. Chairman: Mario García – 3F FEED and FOOD, S.L.

12.00 h Processed animal proteins available in Europe. Processing conditions and quality control
- Martin Alm – EFPRA, Belgium

12.45 h Coproducts of the meat industry in animal feeding. Legislation and evaluation of the chemical composition and nutritive value of processed animal proteins in poultry and pig diets.
- Mariano Gorrachategui – Tersecus
- Marta Puig – ANAGRASA

13:20 h Diet structure for optimal performance and function of the gastrointestinal tract in poultry. Implications for practical feed processing
- B. Svihus – Norwegian University of Life Science, Norway

14.05 h FEDNA awards, final comments and adjourn of the Symposium

"VI FEDNA-ANEMBE Conference on Ruminant Nutrition".

Madrid, November 30th 2021
Auditorio Fundación Pablo VI, Paseo Juan XXIII, 3.

14:00 h Inscriptions.

14:45 h Presentation: Joaquín Ranz Vallejo (ANEMBE’s President).

Chairman: Sergio Calsamiglia (SNiBA, UAB).

14:50 h Feed efficiency in fattening calves under Fodder/Concentrate:10/90 feeding system.
- Vicente Jimeno, U. Politécnica de Madrid

15.30 h The 10 most important changes of the new NRC for lactating dairy cows.
- Bill Weiss, Ohio State University, EE.UU.

16.10 h What's new in the new NRC for dry cows, transition and replacement dairy cows?
- Jim Drackely - Univ. Illinois, EE.UU.

16.50 h Practical implications of the new NRC – dairy cattle.
- Sergio Calsamiglia (SNiBA, UAB)

17.15 h Roundtable. Implicatons of the new NRC-dairy cattle (Bill Weiss, Jim Drackley and Sergio Calsamiglia)

17.50 h Adjourn

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