Madrid, December 13th and 14th , 2023.

Auditorium Fundación Pablo VI.
Calle Juan XXIII, 3
Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid

Wednesday, December 13th

08:45 h Registration and documentation.

Session 1. Chairman: Emilio Borja – Grupo AN, Navarra

09:00 h Feeding programs for primiparous sows.
- Jordan Gebhardt and Jamil Faccin – Kansas State University (USA)

09:50 h Feeding programs for growing-finishing pigs: Comparative study (Spanish survey vs. published requirements).
- Gerard Santomá and Pedro Pérez de Ayala – Trouw Nutrition (Spain)

10:50 h Coffee

Session 2. Chairwoman: Mª Ángeles Latorre – Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

11:30 h FEDNA nutrient requirements for swine: 3rd Edition.

a. Sows.
- David Solá, José Francisco Pérez, Josep Gasa – Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)

b. Piglets.
- Francesc Molist (Schothorst Feed Research, Netherlands) and Gonzalo G. Mateos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)

c. Growing-finishing pigs.
- Mariano Gorrachategui – Tesercus SL. (Spain)

d. Nutrient recommendations for iberian pigs.
- Gonzalo Fructuoso and Álvaro Fernández – Nugest (Spain)

13:45 h Lunch-cocktail

15:15 h XXXII FEDNA award for young researchers. Oral presentation of selected candidates.

Session 3. Chairman: Pedro Medel – Innovabiotics S.L., Spain

16:00 h Roundtable: Future of pig feeding, key issues.
- Riccardo Vincenzi (Veronesi, Italy), Aitor Balfagón (Cargill, Spain), Jaume Coma (Grupo Vall Companys, Spain), and Hans Stein (Illinois University, USA)

16:45 h Factors affecting net energy values of diets fed to group housed and ad libitum fed growing pigs.
- Hans Stein – Illinois University (USA)

17:30 h Updating of FEDNA tables of ingredients 2021: New ingredients.

a. Insect meal: Tenebrio and black soldier larvae.
- Manuel Fondevila and Guillermo Fondevila – Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

b. Almond hulls.
- Dolores Carro – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

18:00 h Adjourn

Thursday, December 14th

Session 4. Chairman: Francisco Ortín – JISAP (Spain)

09:00 h Updating of FEDNA tables of ingredients 2021: New ingredients: High protein sunflower meal, full fat soybean quality, defatted corn DDGS.
- Gonzalo G. Mateos, Lewis Aguirre, Guillermo Talegón y Lourdes Cámara (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) y Guillermo Fondevila (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)

09:35 h Optimum ratios between digestible Ca and digestible P and impact of phytase on growth performance of weanling and growing pigs.
- Hans Stein – Illinois University (USA)

10:20 h Dietary factors influencing intestinal pathology in broilers, and reasons why.
- Filip van Immersel – Ghent University (Belgium)

11:10 h Coffee

Session 5. Chairman: Mario García – 3F Feed and Food, S.L., Spain

12.10 h US Poultry Production: Past, present and future.
- Roy Brister, Alltech (USA)

12:45 h Pieces of the puzzle for formulating to digestible calcium and phosphorous:

a. Recommendations and limestone digestible Ca equation development.
- Roselina Angel –Maryland University (USA)

b. Ingredient digestible Ca with validation in complete diets and implementation of a digestible calcium system on performance and economics.
- Kyle Venter – Neuro Livestock Research, Brits (South Africa)

14:15 h FEDNA award and final remarks.

14.25 h Adjourn.

"VIII FEDNA-ANEMBE Conference on Ruminant Nutrition".

Madrid, December 12th , 2023.
Auditorium Fundación Pablo VI, Paseo Juan XXIII, 3.

9:00 h Registration and documentation.

9:30 h Presentation: Ángel Ávila (ANEMBE).

Chairman: Ángel Ávila (ANEMBE)

9:40 h Use of data for objective decision making on dairy farms.
Alex Bach – ICREA, Spain

10:15 h Are justified the dogmas during the transition period of dairy cows?
Lance Baumgard –Iowa University, USA

10:50 h Round table..

11:05 h Coffee.

Chairman: Carlos Fernández (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia).

11.40 h Management and feeding of beef cattle in feedlots: Technical basis.
Pablo Guiroy – Cargill, Argentina

12:25 h Feeding programs for beef cattle: Practical application.
Juan de Dios Garza – Consultant, Mexico

13:10 h Feeding and management of young dairy calves.
Luis Tedeschi –Texas University, USA

13:55 h Round table.

14:10 h In memoriam of Professor Sergio Calsamiglia Blancafort.
Ángel Ávila (ANEMBE) and Alfred Ferret (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

14.25 h Lunch-cocktail.

Chairman: Manuel Ángel Fernandez (ANEMBE).

15:25 h Feeding of the dairy cow under heat stress.
Lance Baumgard – Iowa University, USA

16:00 h Feeding and management of rearing calves during the first 120 of age.
Alex Bach –ICREA, Spain

16:35 h The 4 steps of the AADI formulation: Implementation history from 1995 to 2023.
Laurent Thiaoucourt, – Consultant, France

17.20 h Round table.

17.35 h Adjourn.

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